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More than just a good flavor
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Not only do citric acid and spicy 6-gingerol from ginger add special flavors to food and beverages; both substances also stimulate the molecular defenses in human saliva. That is the result of a human clinical trial by a team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Leibniz-Institute fo...

Sanofi and Recipharm announce transfer of Holmes Chapel Manufacturing site
Recipharm and Sanofi announced today that they have signed an agreement to transfer the Holmes Chapel site from global healthcare leader, Sanofi, to leading pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organisation, Recipharm. “Holmes Chapel brings Recipharm an ideal opportunity to accelera...

Lipids and proteins: Further evidence for functional crosstalk in cells
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Researchers at Kanazawa University have uncovered the role of lipids in facilitating a functional switch between two forms of a cellular enzyme: Peroxiredoxin (Prxs). Their study published in the Journal of Molecular Biology explains how negatively charged membrane lipids can bind to Prxs, and induc...

Silence is golden when it comes to how our brains work
It's the comparative silence between the firing spikes of neurons that tells what they are really up to, scientists report. "The brain appears to use these durations of silence to encrypt information," Dr. Joe Z. Tsien, neuroscientist at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University says of h...

A pesticide-free way to combat mosquitos and West Nile virus
Researchers at the University of Waterloo may have discovered a new, pesticide-free way to limit mosquito populations in some area and reduce the spread of the West Nile virus. Waterloo researcher Brad Fedy discovered that introducing hungry minnows into bodies of water where mosquitoes breed result...

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